Monday, March 7, 2011

Gourd Pear

I went to a weekend with my chick friends.  My Chick Friends is an email group that I belong to.  Since we have several members that live close enough and we have a place to gather. We did.  We gathered to talk, paint, hug, learn about the Circut personal cutter.  There is one of our members that knows about almost anything.  Not always the same thing.  Not always the same person.  Just ask a question and someone has dealt with that problem before.  We don't just post about painting.  We all have a lot of interests.  So there is gardening, scrapbooking, family, kids, health, knit, crochet and lots of others.  This group is very supportive.  So we have grown very close.

Cricut Expression by Provo Craft
This gathering was Darlene's turn to teach.  She did a great job.  I purchased a Circut Expression before I got home and I don't even scrapbook.  Mine is very bright green.  Hopefully I will think of many ways to use it in my painting.  It will create stencils etc that I can adjust to my needs.  I love fonts and this machine along with the Make the Cut program lets you use them in a multitude of ways.

This is the pear shaped gourd that I painted.  Darlene cut out the stencil for the words and after painting a dark brown base coat we applied the letters.  Then I painted a lot of different coats of paint on the gourd.  At the end I peeled off the letters.  I loved it.  This gourd will be available on my etsy site soon.

My daughter said "Mother that's not a pear."  No It is a gourd that looks like a pear.  Gourds are very versatile and this one is disguised like a pear.  LOL
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