Monday, February 28, 2011

Painted Coat Rack

 This little number started life as a big old cabinet door.  At the time I started I was really into texture.  So I glue and pasted just like grade school.  You can't really see it in the pictures but the surface has all kinds of papers glued on.  Like paper towels, tissue paper, old scrap paper, and lots of whatever I could find.  Then I painted a dark blue coat of paint.
 The rest of the colors were finger painted.  So much fun.  Then the houses and roofs were cut from scrapbook papers.  After that I leaned it against the wall and could not figure out how to go on.  I guess it just didn't know what it wanted to be.

During our recent cold and snow spell we had coats and scarves all over.  It would be a little warm then real cold and on and on.  Then this board seemed like the perfect thing.  I added coats hooks from WalMart and we hung it on those Monkey hangers so it was strong enough.

I think it is kind of cool and really solved the problem.  Now I need something by the front door Of course it's been in the 70's in Texas this week.  Hopefully coats can be put away soon for this year.  Yea!!  I don't like the cold.

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