Monday, May 24, 2010

Second Part of THE BENCH!!!

This is my favorite tool.  It has changeable parts; a drill, jig saw, a little skill type saw, & a sander.  This was my Christmas present a couple of years ago.  Best one ever.

At some point I even had to pull out the big guns.  The dreaded Skill Saw.  Big scary noisy thing but everything else died and I was determined to get the pieces cut out.

So I put it together.  I changed the length to fit the top piece that I had and put a 2 X 4 as the center brace.  Just thought it would stronger and easier to hit with screws.

This is it unpainted with putty in the screw holes and no top piece.  I did countersink the screws.  Not well but I know how now.  This thing is so heavy I can hardly pick it up.  I used a 2 X 12 on the top which is really heavy.  I didn't adjust the side pieces when I changed the length.  They were just a hair short so I used them anyway.

Painting Comes Next!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Building a Bench

Knock-Off WoodThere is a blog that I have been following called Knock Off Wood.  She give you wonderful plans for simple and some not so simple to build.  They are just so great.  Wish I had seen it years ago.  Of course she wasn't born then.

But anyway I have all these tools.  I love tools and hardware stores and gadgets.  Love it all. I could wander around in Lowe's for hours.  Just looking and wondering what does that do!

So I decide that I was going to build something.  All by myself.   She has the plans on Knock Off Wood, shopping list, and tools needed.  I wanted to learn how to countersink a screw.  She tells you how to do that too.    (Plans Here)

From Better Homes and Gardens

I wanted to use some old wood we already had especially a huge 2" X 12"  that had some character. (This was kind of a mistake.  Too heavy.)
I had lots of problems.  It's amazing what is common sense to my Honey does not in any way come into my mind.  Which means I do a lot of things the hard way.  Taking me twice as long to do anything.

Finding all the tools was a big problem.  Because I haven't been using them and tend to base coat in the room where the tools are they were scattered or on a shelf way above my head.
These are some of my tools.  I had to pull old nails because I was determined to reuse wood.  I also figured out why this was not always a good idea.  Sometimes old wood will not hold a screw.

Ana says to cut your wood first and measure.  I did this but I changed the length of the bench and did not always adjust all the pieces accordingly.
Sassy was helping but lost all interest when things got noisy.  Tomorrow I hope to finish this story.  I thought it was funny but you probably had to be there.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everyone have a great day!

Hugs Beth

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zen Gourd

I did another gourd.  Surprise!  I call it a Zen Gourd.  Combining pyrography and Zentangle drawing.  I think that is what it called.  It is styled after one I saw on the Arizona Gourd site.  I thought it would give me some practice and advance my skills a little.
I know it's crooked.  I just like this picture.

Have a great weekend all!

Friday, May 7, 2010


I have started doing pyrography.  I had all the equipment but got mad at myself one day and put it away.  Anyway like anything you want to do well you should practice.  Mostly I want to work on gourds but have been doing some other things for practice.

This is a scrap gourd (it was cracked) that I was playing with.

These are a couple of small pine pieces

Small pine box that I had on hand.  Everyone told me pine did not burn well and they are very right.  This box especially.  It had hard spots and soft spots.  So it wouldn't burn and then it did.  Such a mess but it was fun.  I also used a little colored pencil for some light color.