Monday, May 24, 2010

Second Part of THE BENCH!!!

This is my favorite tool.  It has changeable parts; a drill, jig saw, a little skill type saw, & a sander.  This was my Christmas present a couple of years ago.  Best one ever.

At some point I even had to pull out the big guns.  The dreaded Skill Saw.  Big scary noisy thing but everything else died and I was determined to get the pieces cut out.

So I put it together.  I changed the length to fit the top piece that I had and put a 2 X 4 as the center brace.  Just thought it would stronger and easier to hit with screws.

This is it unpainted with putty in the screw holes and no top piece.  I did countersink the screws.  Not well but I know how now.  This thing is so heavy I can hardly pick it up.  I used a 2 X 12 on the top which is really heavy.  I didn't adjust the side pieces when I changed the length.  They were just a hair short so I used them anyway.

Painting Comes Next!

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