Saturday, May 22, 2010

Building a Bench

Knock-Off WoodThere is a blog that I have been following called Knock Off Wood.  She give you wonderful plans for simple and some not so simple to build.  They are just so great.  Wish I had seen it years ago.  Of course she wasn't born then.

But anyway I have all these tools.  I love tools and hardware stores and gadgets.  Love it all. I could wander around in Lowe's for hours.  Just looking and wondering what does that do!

So I decide that I was going to build something.  All by myself.   She has the plans on Knock Off Wood, shopping list, and tools needed.  I wanted to learn how to countersink a screw.  She tells you how to do that too.    (Plans Here)

From Better Homes and Gardens

I wanted to use some old wood we already had especially a huge 2" X 12"  that had some character. (This was kind of a mistake.  Too heavy.)
I had lots of problems.  It's amazing what is common sense to my Honey does not in any way come into my mind.  Which means I do a lot of things the hard way.  Taking me twice as long to do anything.

Finding all the tools was a big problem.  Because I haven't been using them and tend to base coat in the room where the tools are they were scattered or on a shelf way above my head.
These are some of my tools.  I had to pull old nails because I was determined to reuse wood.  I also figured out why this was not always a good idea.  Sometimes old wood will not hold a screw.

Ana says to cut your wood first and measure.  I did this but I changed the length of the bench and did not always adjust all the pieces accordingly.
Sassy was helping but lost all interest when things got noisy.  Tomorrow I hope to finish this story.  I thought it was funny but you probably had to be there.

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