Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reclaimed Furniture Now with Roses!

Several weeks ago I started refinishing this small night table.  My daughter purchased it at a garage sale some time ago.  It's been sitting beside the bed my grandsons use when they are here.  I don't think they care what it looked like but it was time.

I sanded, glued, cleaned, painted etc., etc., forever  mostly outside.  I can only work a couple of hours a day so it was one coat a day thing.  I didn't get a before shot of it and should have.  Puttyed in a grove on one of the drawers and glued the bottom piece.

Re claiming old furniture is hard work.  It was a well used piece.  Very dirty inside.  But now is all better.

 Check it out!

Then I couldn't resist a few roses.  Then I couldn't stop.  LOL

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