Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is the Santa box but it is not finished. I got a little further than this picture shows and hope to finish soon.
These are the white rose I did. It is not finished either. Just need to varnish and put a trim on the edges. I just couldn't wait to post it.

These are the pink rose. I didn't photograph them well but they look great even if I say so myself. I learned a lot from Trudy.

I haven't been a very good blogger lately but I plan on doing better.
I went to a seminar this weekend with the Alamo Decorative Painters in San Antonio, TX. Had a great time. My friend, Gerrianne, invited me to stay with her. Could not ask for a better hostess. They have a beautiful place. I felt just as comfortable as I could be at home. I can not thank her enough.
Trudy Beard came all the way to Texas just to teach us. It was like we had know her for years. Of course I had been following her painting for years but there is nothing like being taught by the real thing.
These are the pictures that I took. I didn't take near enough but I get so entralled with what is happening that I forget to take pictures.

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